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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5401 madness
5401 madness

5401 madness

A term used in two different senses. The OT suggests that God may occasionally inflict a state of insanity upon individuals as a punishment. The term may also be used of someone whose words or actions are difficult to understand or easy to reject, as with Jesus Christ’s preaching and healing.

Madness as a punishment

Jer 25:15-16 See also Dt 28:28,32-34; Jer 50:35-38; Jer 51:7; Da 4:28-37; Zec 12:4

Madness linked with folly

Ecc 7:25 See also Pr 26:18; Ecc 1:17; Ecc 2:12; Ecc 9:3; Ecc 10:13; 2Pe 2:16

Accusations of madness against God’s servants

Jn 10:19-21 See also 2Ki 9:1-11; Jer 29:25-28; Hos 9:7-8; Mt 12:24 pp Mk 3:20-22 pp Lk 11:15; Ac 26:24-25; 2Co 5:13

David feigned madness to save his life

Ps 34:1 Title See also 1Sa 21:10-15

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