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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5399 luxury
5399 luxury

5399 luxury

Opulence or grandeur of lifestyle which may be associated with wealth or status, especially royalty. Scripture warns of the dangers of unnecessary displays of luxury but encourages the right kind of splendour to reflect the glory and honour due to God.

Examples of luxurious lifestyles

The opulence of Solomon’s court 1Ki 10:21 pp 2Ch 9:20 See also 1Ki 4:22-24 Solomon’s daily provisions; 1Ki 7:1 Solomon’s palace Solomon’s throne: 1Ki 10:18-20 pp 2Ch 9:17-19

Luxury enjoyed by other kings Lk 7:25 pp Mt 11:8 See also 1Sa 8:11-17 Samuel warns Israel about what a king will demand of them; 2Sa 7:2 David; 2Ch 32:27-29 Hezekiah; Est 1:4-7 Xerxes; Da 4:30 Nebuchadnezzar

Luxury enjoyed by the wealthy Lk 16:19 The rich man in Jesus Christ’s parable. See also Isa 3:18-23 upper-class women of Zion; Am 6:4-6 the wealthy of Israel

Luxury accompanying high status Ge 41:41-43 Mordecai: Est 6:7-8; Est 8:15
Da 5:29 Daniel

Luxury enjoyed by a bride Ps 45:13-15 See also Isa 61:10; Jer 2:32; Rev 21:2

Luxury and poverty

Luxury at the expense of the poor Jas 5:4-5 See also Jer 22:13-14 King Jehoiakim; Eze 34:3 the leaders of Israel

Luxury brings responsibility to the poor 1Ti 6:18 See also Jer 22:15-16; Lk 16:20-21; Lk 19:8; Ac 4:34-35

The perils of luxury

Luxury brings a false sense of security Lk 12:19 See also Job 31:24-25; Pr 11:28; 1Ti 6:17

Luxury distracts from God Dt 32:15 See also Dt 8:13-14; Mt 13:22 pp Mk 4:19 pp Lk 8:14; Mt 19:21-24 pp Mk 10:21-23 pp Lk 18:21-24; 1Ti 6:10

Earthly luxury does not last Mt 6:19 See also Pr 23:5; Pr 27:24; Isa 13:22 The luxurious lifestyle of the wicked will be swept away by God’s judgment; Jas 5:1-3; Rev 18:7-9

The right attitude to luxury

Php 4:11-12 See also 1Sa 2:7; Job 1:21

The true source of beauty

1Pe 3:3-4 See also 1Ti 2:9-10

Luxury reflecting God’s glory

Ex 25:3-9 pp Ex 35:5-9 materials for the tabernacle; Ex 28:4-5 the priestly garments; 1Ki 6:14-35 pp 2Ch 3:4-14 the splendour of Solomon’s temple; Mk 13:1 pp Lk 21:5 the magnificence of Herod’s temple; Rev 21:15-21 the glory of the new Jerusalem

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