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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5377 law, Ten Commandments
5377 law, Ten Commandments

5377 law, Ten Commandments

The basic laws given to Israel through Moses following the exodus from Egypt (Ex 20:1-17; Dt 5:6-21). The first four commandments safeguard Israel’s special relation to God; the remaining six protect individuals within the community and promote their well-being.

The Ten Commandments are to govern the life of Israel as the people of God

Israel should obey God alone Ex 20:2-3 pp Dt 5:6-7 See also Dt 6:13-15

Idolatry forbidden Ex 20:4-6 pp Dt 5:8-10 See also Ex 32:1-8; Lev 19:4; 1Co 10:7

God’s name should not be misused Ex 20:7 pp Dt 5:11 See also Mt 7:21

A day of rest is commanded Ex 20:8-11 pp Dt 5:12-15 See also Ex 16:23; Lev 19:3; Isa 56:2; Jer 17:21-22

Parents are to be honoured Ex 20:12 pp Dt 5:16 See also Mt 15:4; Eph 6:1-3

Murder is forbidden Ex 20:13 pp Dt 5:17 See also Ge 4:8-16; Mt 5:21

Adultery is forbidden Ex 20:14 pp Dt 5:18 See also Lev 18:20; 2Sa 11:2-5; Mt 5:27; Heb 13:4

Stealing is forbidden Ex 20:15 pp Dt 5:19 See also Lev 19:11,13

False witness is forbidden Ex 20:16 pp Dt 5:20 See also Lev 19:11

Coveting is forbidden Ex 20:17 pp Dt 5:21 See also Lev 19:17-18; Job 31:9-12; Ro 7:7

The circumstances surrounding the giving of the Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments written on stone tablets Ex 24:12 See also Dt 4:13; Dt 9:9-10

The stone tablets broken Ex 32:19 Moses broke the stone tablets when he saw that the Israelites had sinned by making the golden calf. See also Dt 9:16-17

A second set of stone tablets made Ex 34:1,28 See also Dt 10:1-2

The second set of stone tablets put in the ark of the covenant Ex 40:20 See also Dt 10:1-2

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