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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5358 judges
5358 judges

5358 judges

Individuals responsible for the administration of justice and/or the operation of government. In the OT the term “judge” is also used in a special sense meaning a leader of Israel. God is portrayed in Scripture as the judge of all the earth; in the NT Jesus Christ is presented as the judge appointed by God.

Judges as leaders of Israel

1Sa 7:15 See also Jdg 2:16-19; Jdg 3:9-11; Jdg 4:4-10; Ru 1:1; 2Ki 23:22

The role of judges

Judicial and punitive Dt 25:1-2 See also Ge 19:6-9; Ex 18:13-26; Ex 22:7-9; Nu 25:5; Dt 1:16; Dt 19:16-21; Dt 21:1-2; 2Ch 19:5-7; Eze 44:24; Lk 12:14; 1Co 6:2-5; Rev 20:4

Administrative Ex 21:2-6; Ezr 10:14; Ac 24:10

The status of judges in ancient Israel

Jos 8:33 See also Jos 23:1-24:1; 2Ki 23:22; 2Ch 1:2-3

The jurisdiction of judges

Local judges Dt 16:18 See also 2Ch 19:5

Judges with national authority 1Sa 7:15-17 See also Dt 17:8-9; 2Sa 15:4

Regulations relating to judges

Dt 1:16 See also Dt 17:12; Dt 25:2-3

Corrupt judges

Mic 7:3 See also Lk 18:2-8

Levitical judges

Eze 44:24 See also 1Ch 23:3-4; 1Ch 26:29

Judges during periods of foreign rule

Under the Babylonian empire Da 3:2-3

Under the Medo-Persian empire Ezr 7:25 See also Ezr 4:9

Under the Roman Empire Mt 27:19 See also Mt 5:25 pp Lk 12:58; Jn 19:13; Ac 24:10

God as judge

Isa 33:22 See also Jdg 11:27; 1Sa 24:12,15; 1Ki 8:31-32; 1Ch 16:33; Job 9:15; Ps 58:11; Ps 94:2; Jn 8:50; Jn 12:48; Heb 12:23

The righteousness of God’s judgment Ge 18:25 See also Ps 7:11; Ps 50:6

Jesus Christ appointed as judge

Ac 10:42 See also Jn 5:22,27,30; Ac 17:31; 2Co 5:10; 2Ti 4:1,8

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2072Christ, righteousness
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