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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5355 invitations
5355 invitations

5355 invitations

A request for attendance, often to a celebration or feast. Invitations to the blessings of the gospel are sometimes presented as requests to attend a banquet. In a negative sense one can be invited to sin.

Invitations to receive hospitality

Ac 16:15 See also Ge 24:31-33 Laban shows hospitality to Abraham’s servant and his animals; Ge 31:54; Ex 2:20; Nu 10:29-32; 1Sa 9:22-24 Saul dines with Samuel; 1Ki 13:7; Job 1:4; Jer 35:2 Jesus Christ invited to eat with Pharisees: Lk 7:36; Lk 11:37
Jn 21:12; Ac 10:23; 1Co 10:27

Invitations to a wedding or a banquet

Lk 14:8-14 See also Est 5:4,12; Jn 2:2

Invitations requesting help

Ac 16:9 See also Jdg 1:3; Jdg 11:6; 2Ki 16:7; Ac 8:30-31

Invitations of the lovers in the Song of Solomon

SS 2:13; SS 4:8; SS 7:11; SS 8:14

Invitations to join in worshipping God

Ps 34:3 See also Ps 66:5-6,16; Ps 95:1-2,5-6

Invitations of the Lord Jesus Christ to follow him

Mt 4:19 pp Mk 1:17 pp Lk 5:10 See also Mk 10:21 pp Mt 19:21 pp Lk 18:22

Invitations to the blessings of the gospel

Invitations given in varied terms Mt 11:28-30 See also Isa 1:18; Zec 3:10 “to sit under his vine and fig-tree” refers to the peaceful security of the kingdom of God. See 1Ki 4:25; Mic 4:4; Mt 25:34; Jn 4:29; Rev 3:20; Rev 22:17

Invitations using the imagery of a banquet Lk 14:16-17 See also Isa 55:1-3; Mt 22:1-14; Rev 19:7-9

Invitations given with deceitful motives

2Sa 15:10-12 See also 2Sa 13:23-29; 1Ki 1:5-10; Ne 6:1-8

Invitations to do what is sinful

Ge 39:7 See also Ge 3:1-4; Ge 39:12; Ex 34:15-16; Nu 22:6,11,17; Nu 23:7; Nu 25:1-2; Pr 1:10-11

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