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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5354 invasions
5354 invasions

5354 invasions

A hostile incursion into the territory of another tribe or nation, often with the object of its permanent annexation.

The Israelites’invasion of Canaan

Their success had been preordained Dt 7:22; Lev 20:23-24 See also Ex 12:25; Lev 14:34; Lev 23:10; Dt 6:10-12; Dt 7:17-24

Moses gave instructions on how to proceed Dt 7:1-5; Dt 20:10-20

Joshua followed Moses in leading the invasion Jos 11:23 See also Jos 6:20; Jos 8:18-19; Jos 10:29-43

The invasion continued under other leaders Jdg 1:4; Jdg 4:23-24; Jdg 11:21-22,32-33; 2Ki 3:24; 1Ch 4:41-43

Invasion of the Israelites’land

By the Philistines Jdg 10:6-10; 1Ch 14:9; 2Ch 21:16-17

By other nations Jdg 6:3-5 See also Jdg 2:14; 2Ki 13:20; 2Ch 20:1; 2Ch 24:23

Israel taken into captivity by Assyrian invaders 2Ki 17:5-6 pp 2Ki 18:9-11

Judah taken into captivity by Babylonian invaders 2Ki 25:1 pp Jer 39:1 2Ki 25:10-11 pp Jer 39:8-9 pp Jer 52:4

Invasion of the promised land was a cause of great sadnesss

Ps 79:1 See also Ne 1:1-4; La 1:1-3; Da 9:4-6

Examples of non-human invasion

By locusts Ex 10:14

By evil spiritual forces Mt 12:43-45 pp Lk 11:24-26 Lk 22:3 See also Mk 9:17-18 pp Mt 17:14-16 pp Lk 9:38-40; Ro 5:12-14; Eph 6:12

See also

4133demons, possession by
4160driving out
7257promised land

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