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5338 holiday

5338 holiday

A day or period of time during which regular work is suspended. In Israel, the Sabbath provided a weekly break from everyday labour, giving opportunity for rest and religious assembly, and was the pattern for set days of rest and annual festivals. The NT records events in the life of Jesus Christ which are marked by Christian holidays.

The Sabbath day

Ge 2:2-3 See also Ex 31:13-17 Their observance of the Sabbath marked Israel out as the distinctive people of God; Jer 17:24; Mk 2:27; Heb 4:4

The purpose of holidays

For rest and refreshment Ex 23:12 The Sabbath provided a rest period each week. See also Ex 20:8-11 pp Dt 5:12-14; Ex 34:21

To restore society Lev 25:2-5 The sabbath year allowed the land to be rested; Lev 25:10 The restoration of family property in the Year of Jubilee; Dt 15:12 The sabbath year marked the release of Hebrew slaves.

To assemble for worship Lev 23:3 Release from the ties of everyday labour gives opportunity for the people of God to meet together in worship; Nu 29:12 See also Lev 23:27 pp Nu 29:7; Dt 16:8; Isa 1:13
Ps 42:4 See also Ps 68:24-27; Ps 118:27

To recall God’s deliverance Dt 5:15 See also Dt 16:3,12; Heb 4:11

Israel’s seven annual holidays

Ex 12:16 pp Lev 23:7-8 the first and seventh days of the Feast of Unleavened Bread; Lev 23:21 pp Nu 28:26 the day of firstfruits (Pentecost); Lev 23:24-25 pp Nu 29:1 the Feast of Trumpets; Lev 23:28-32 pp Lev 16:29-31 the Day of Atonement; Lev 23:34-36 the first and eighth days of the Feast of Tabernacles

Christian holidays linked with the life of Jesus Christ

The Lord’s Day Ac 20:7 See also Mk 16:9 The church meets together on the first day of the week: the day of Jesus Christ’s resurrection; 1Co 16:2; Rev 1:10

Christmas Day Lk 2:7 See also Jn 1:14

Epiphany Mt 2:1-2,9-11

Lent Mt 4:1-2 pp Mk 1:12-13 pp Lk 4:1-2

Good Friday Mt 27:45-50 pp Mk 15:33-37 pp Lk 23:44-46; Jn 19:28-30

Easter Sunday Mk 16:5-6 pp Mt 28:5-6 pp Lk 24:4-6

Ascension Day See also Lk 24:50-51; Ac 1:9

Pentecost (Whit Sunday) Ac 2:1-4

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