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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5337 hiring
5337 hiring

5337 hiring

Laws relating to hiring

Hired workers must be paid on time Lev 19:13 See also Dt 24:14-15; Jas 5:4

Regular rates of pay must be established Lev 25:50

Hired workers are to be treated with kindness Lev 25:6,39-40,53

Hired foreigners were excluded from the Passover Ex 12:43-45

Hired workers must be carefully chosen Pr 26:10

Loss of a hired animal is covered by the price Ex 22:15

Various kinds of hiring

A hired husband Ge 30:16

A hired prophet Dt 23:4 See also Ne 6:12-13; Ne 13:2; Jude 11

A hired priest Jdg 17:10; Jdg 18:4

Hired soldiers Jdg 9:4; 2Sa 10:6; 2Ki 7:6; 1Ch 19:6-7; 2Ch 25:6; Jer 46:21 No hired mercenary army was ever approved by the Lord (see 2Ch 25:7-10).

Other hirings 1Sa 2:5 hirings for food; 2Ch 24:12 masons and carpenters; Ezr 4:5 counsellors; Isa 7:20 a razor, symbolising the judgment to be brought by the king of Assyria; Isa 23:17 prostitutes; Isa 46:6 goldsmiths; Mk 1:20 fishermen

Teachings illustrated by hired workers

The brevity and hardness of life Job 7:1-3 See also Job 14:6

Christian workers Mt 20:1-15 This parable teaches that believers should not serve in a mercenary spirit but recognise that God’s reward is based upon grace.

The severity of the world and the kindness of God See also Lk 15:15-19

The difference between hired and good shepherds

Jn 10:11-13 See also 1Pe 5:2

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