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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5327 governors
5327 governors

5327 governors

Those who ruled with an authority delegated to them by a higher ruler to whom they were responsible.

Joseph as governor of Egypt

Ge 42:6 See also Ge 41:41,43,55; Ge 45:8,26

Governors of Judah

Gedaliah had a short period in office 2Ki 25:22-23 See also Jer 40:7,11; Jer 41:2,18

Sheshbazzar laid the temple foundations Ezr 5:14 See also Ezr 1:8

Zerubbabel Zerubbabel is possibly the same person as Sheshbazzar: Hag 1:1,14; Hag 2:2,21

Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem Ne 5:14 See also Ne 8:9; Ne 10:1; Ne 12:26

Governors before Nehemiah Ne 5:15

Persian governors

Tattenai Ezr 5:3 “Trans-Euphrates” (literally “beyond the river”, i.e., the Euphrates River) to the Persians included the areas of Aram, Phoenicia and Palestine. See also Ezr 5:6; Ezr 6:6,13

Other governors of Trans-Euphrates Ezr 8:36 See also Ne 2:7,9; Ne 3:7

Other Persian governors Est 3:12 See also Est 8:9; Est 9:3; Da 3:2-3,27; Da 6:7

Satraps Satraps were Persian provincial governors: Ezr 8:36; Est 3:12; Est 8:9; Est 9:3; Da 3:2-3,27; Da 6:1-4,6,7

Other OT references to governors

Jdg 9:30; 1Ki 4:7 Solomon’s twelve district governors; 1Ki 4:19; 2Ki 10:5; 2Ki 23:8; 2Ch 9:14; Jer 51:23,28,57; Eze 23:6,12,23; Mal 1:8

Roman governors

Quirinius, governor of Syria Lk 2:1-2

Pilate, governor of Judea See also Mt 27:2,11,14,15,21,27; Mt 28:14; Lk 3:1; Lk 20:20; Jn 18:28

Felix, governor of Judea Ac 23:24,26,33-34; Ac 24:1,10

Festus, governor of Judea Ac 26:30-32 Festus did not understand Paul but might well have released him but for his (Paul’s) appeal to Rome.

The governor of Damascus

2Co 11:32

Other NT references to governors

See also Mt 10:18; Mk 13:9 pp Lk 21:12; 1Pe 2:14

Standards of performance of governors

Some were good Ge 41:39-40; 1Ki 4:27; 2Ki 10:1; Ezr 5:16

Some were bad Ne 5:14-15; Ac 24:26

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