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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5317 foundation
5317 foundation

5317 foundation

The solid base on which a secure structure may be built; used chiefly for the base of the temple. It is used figuratively of Jesus Christ and the apostles and prophets as the secure foundation on which the church is built. Obedience to the teaching of Jesus Christ is the true foundation of Christian living.

The place of foundations in building

1Ki 5:17 Jericho rebuilt: Jos 6:26; 1Ki 16:34 Solomon builds the temple: 1Ki 6:37; 1Ki 7:10; 2Ch 3:3; 2Ch 8:16
Ezr 3:3,11-12; Ezr 4:12 restoring the walls of Jerusalem; Ezr 5:16; Ezr 6:3; Job 4:19; Isa 44:28; Eze 41:8; Hag 2:18; Zec 4:9; Zec 8:9; Ac 16:26

Destruction of foundations is an indication of divine judgment

La 4:11 See also Dt 32:22; 2Sa 22:16; Jer 51:25-26; Eze 13:14; Eze 30:4; Mic 1:6

The foundation of the church

Jesus Christ 1Co 3:11 See also Isa 28:16

The apostles and prophets Ro 15:20; 1Co 3:10; Eph 2:19-20

The church as the foundation of God’s truth

1Ti 3:14-15 See also 2Ti 2:19

Obedience as a secure foundation

Mt 7:24-27 pp Lk 6:46-49 See also Job 22:15-18; 1Co 3:12-15; 1Ti 6:18-19

The foundation of the earth

Ps 102:25 See also 1Sa 2:8; Job 38:4; Ps 18:7,15; Ps 24:1-2; Ps 82:5; Pr 8:22-31; Isa 48:13; Isa 51:13,16; Mic 6:2; Zec 12:1; Heb 1:10

The foundations of the city of God

Heb 11:10 See also Rev 21:14,19

Figurative use of foundation

God himself as the foundation Isa 33:5-6

The foundation of God’s throne Ps 89:14 See also Ps 97:2

The need for a firm foundation in the Christian life

Mt 7:24-27; Mt 16:18; Eph 2:19-22; Heb 6:1-2; 1Pe 2:4-5

See also

1155God, truthfulness
2421gospel, historical foundation
7024church, nature of
7467temple, Solomon’s
8241ethics, basis of

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