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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5312 feasting
5312 feasting

5312 feasting

Taking part in festive meals that were often a feature of Israel’s celebrations of religious festivals.

Feasting on special occasions

To mark a covenant Ge 31:54 The sacrifice and the meal were important elements in the covenant-making process. See also Ge 26:28-31; Ex 24:11; 1Co 11:25-26

Weddings Jdg 14:10 See also Ge 29:22; Est 2:18; Mt 22:2; Jn 2:1-10; Rev 19:9

Family celebrations Ge 21:8 See also Lk 15:23-24

National celebrations 1Ki 1:25 See also Est 9:17

Israel’s religious feasts

Passover (or the Feast of Unleavened Bread) to celebrate the exodus Ex 23:15; Dt 16:1-3; Lev 23:4-6; 2Ch 35:17; Mt 26:17; Lk 2:41

Pentecost, to celebrate the early harvest Ex 34:22 Pentecost was also known in the OT as “the Feast of Weeks” or the “Feast of Harvest”. See also Ex 23:16; Nu 28:26

The Feast of Tabernacles, to celebrate the autumn harvest Ex 23:16 See also Lev 23:34; Dt 16:13; Ezr 3:4; Ne 8:14; Zec 14:16

The Feast of Dedication, to celebrate the rededication of the temple Jn 10:22

The Feast of Purim, to celebrate deliverance Est 9:17 See also Est 9:22,26

Feasting amongst God’s people

Ne 8:10; Ac 2:46 See also 1Ki 3:15; Est 8:17; Est 9:17; Job 1:4

Feasting amongst the heathen

Examples of pagan feasts 1Sa 30:16; Da 5:1; Mk 6:21-28

Warnings and instructions to Christians regarding pagan feasts 1Co 10:27-28; 1Pe 4:3-4

Feasting as an occasion to sin

1Co 10:7 See also Ex 32:6; 1Sa 25:36; 2Sa 13:28; Hab 2:15; 1Co 10:28

Feasting as an evangelistic occasion

Lk 5:29 See also Mk 2:16-17; Lk 15:2

Feasting defended by Jesus Christ

Mt 11:19 pp Lk 7:34-35 See also Mt 9:14-15 pp Mk 2:18-20 pp Lk 5:33-35

Feasting as a symbol of spiritual blessings

Mt 22:2 See also Pr 9:1-6; Isa 25:6; Isa 55:1-2; Lk 14:15; Rev 3:20

Feasting in heaven

Rev 19:9 See also Mt 8:11

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