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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5310 exploitation
5310 exploitation

5310 exploitation

Taking advantage of weak and vulnerable groups within society, especially financially; a practice that is prohibited in Scripture. Rather, such groups of people should be treated with special care and concern.

Exploitation is forbidden

Pr 22:23 See also Job 22:5-9; Pr 23:10; Isa 5:8; Isa 59:12-15; Eze 45:9-10; Mic 2:1-3; Zec 7:10

God protects those who are liable to exploitation

Dt 10:18; Ps 12:5 See also Dt 10:17; Ps 10:17-18; Ps 68:5; Isa 25:4

God provides for those liable to exploitation

Ex 23:10; Dt 14:28-29; Dt 26:12-13; Ps 22:26; Ps 68:10; Ps 132:15

Examples of groups of people who must not be exploited

The poor Pr 17:5; Isa 3:14-15; Am 2:6-7; Am 5:11; Zec 7:10

Orphans and the fatherless Ps 10:17; Isa 1:23; Jer 5:27-29; Jer 22:3

Widows and aliens Ps 94:1-6; Ps 146:9; Jer 22:3; Jer 49:11; Zec 7:10

The weak Ps 41:1; Ps 72:13; Ps 82:3

Believers’responsibilities towards those vulnerable to exploitation

To pray for them Ps 82:3

To care and provide for them Jas 1:27

Particular responsibilities towards the weak Ac 20:35 See also 1Th 5:14

Particular responsibilities for widows Ac 6:1-6; 1Ti 5:3-16; Jas 1:27

Particular responsibilities towards orphans Jas 1:27

Particular responsibilities towards the poor and needy Pr 22:9 See also Mt 6:2-3; Mt 19:16-21; Lk 19:8; Ac 4:34-35; Ac 9:36; Ac 10:2; Ro 15:25-27

Examples of exploitation

2Sa 23:15-17 David; Mt 23:15 the Pharisees; Ac 8:18-23 Simon Magus

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