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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5302 education
5302 education

5302 education

The imparting of spiritual, intellectual, moral and social instruction, the basis for which is the fear of the Lord. People continue learning throughout the whole of life. The education of children in the OT was centred on the home and synagogue and was largely of a religious and ethical nature. In the NT, children were included in the community of the church, but the home was still the main sphere of their education.

The fear of the Lord is the basis for all education

Ps 111:10 See also 2Ch 26:5; Ps 25:12; Pr 1:7; Pr 2:1-8; Pr 9:10; Pr 15:33; Isa 11:1-3

Faith is an essential element of Christian education

Heb 11:3 See also 2Ti 3:15

Education should not oppose the truth about God

2Co 10:5 See also Mt 18:6; 1Ti 6:20-21

Education should emphasise that the world has a richness and coherence derived from God

Ps 24:1; Jn 1:3 See also Job 12:7-10; Ps 104:5-26; 1Co 10:26; Col 1:17; Heb 1:3

Education in the home

Through parental instruction Dt 6:4-9; Ps 78:4-6 See also Dt 4:9-10; Dt 6:20-25; Dt 11:18-21; Pr 22:6; Isa 38:19; Eph 6:4; Col 3:21

Examples of parents teaching their children Ge 18:19; Pr 31:1-9; 2Ti 3:14-15

Through parental example 2Ti 1:5 See also 2Ch 20:31-32; 2Ch 26:3-4

Through discipline Pr 29:15 See also Pr 1:7; 2Ti 4:2; Tit 1:13

Education through religious worship

Jos 8:34-35 See also 2Ch 20:13; Ezr 8:21; Ne 12:43; Mt 21:15-16

Education through religious festivals

Dt 31:9-13 See also Ex 12:24-27; Ex 13:6-8

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7756preaching, content
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