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5283 cup

5283 cup

A drinking vessel, usually made of pottery but sometimes, in wealthy households especially, of gold or silver. Cups might take the form of goblets or of shallow bowls large enough for several people to share, as a sign of fellowship. The word is also used figuratively to refer to the portion of blessing or judgment divinely allotted to individuals or nations.

General references to drinking vessels

Jer 35:5 See also Ge 40:11; Ge 44:2-5; Pr 23:31; SS 7:2; Da 5:2-3; Mt 10:42 pp Mk 9:41

Golden goblets as a sign of wealth

1Ki 10:21 pp 2Ch 9:20 See also Est 1:7

Sharing a cup as a sign of fellowship

2Sa 12:3

The shared cup at the Lord’s Supper Mt 26:27 pp Mk 14:23 pp Lk 22:17 See also 1Co 11:25
1Co 10:16 See also 1Co 10:21

Cups symbolising corrupt lives

Mt 23:25-26 The Pharisees observed ceremonial washings but neglected the need for inward cleansing. See also Lk 11:39; Rev 17:4

The cup of God’s wrath

The cup drunk by the nations Jer 25:15-17 See also Ps 75:8; Jer 51:7; Zec 12:2-3; Rev 14:10 God’s wrath against Edom: Jer 49:12; La 4:21 God’s wrath against Babylon: Hab 2:16; Rev 16:19; Rev 18:6

The cup drunk by God’s people Eze 23:32-34; Isa 51:17 Following judgment, God promises to restore his people. See also Isa 51:22

The cup drunk by Jesus Christ Jn 18:11 See also Mt 20:22-23 pp Mk 10:38-39 Mt 26:42 The cup of God’s wrath may pass from guilty humanity only if Jesus Christ drinks it. See also Mt 26:39 pp Mk 14:36 pp Lk 22:42

The cup of God’s blessing

Ps 16:5 See also Ps 23:5; Ps 36:8; Ps 116:12-13

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