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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5281 crucifixion
5281 crucifixion

5281 crucifixion

A most painful, cruel and protracted form of execution which involved the victim being roped or nailed to an elevated wooden cross. This form of execution was favoured by the Romans, who regarded it as a deterrent to political rebellion against the authority of Rome at the time of Jesus Christ.

The method of crucifixion

The victim was scourged before crucifixion Jn 19:1 pp Mt 27:26 pp Mk 15:15 pp Lk 23:22 See also Lk 23:16

The victim carried his cross Jn 19:17 Jesus Christ, having already been scourged, was probably too weak to continue carrying the cross: Mt 27:32-33; Mk 15:21-22; Lk 23:26

The victim was fixed to the cross Lk 23:33 pp Mt 27:35 pp Mk 15:24 pp Jn 19:23 See also Jn 20:25

A charge board was fixed to the cross Mt 27:37 pp Mk 15:26 pp Lk 23:38 pp Jn 19:19

The victim’s sufferings were protracted Mt 27:54 pp Mk 15:39 pp Lk 23:47 Jn 19:32-33,34 See also Mk 15:25,33,37

OT prophecies concerning Jesus Christ’s crucifixion

Ps 22:16-18 None of Jesus Christ’s bones will be broken: Ex 12:46; Nu 9:12; Ps 34:20; Jn 19:36
Ps 22:1,7-8; Ps 69:21; Ps 109:25; Isa 50:6; Isa 53:5,9; Am 8:9-10; Zec 12:10; Zec 13:6-7

Jesus Christ’s predictions concerning the manner of his death

Jn 12:32-33 See also Jn 3:14; Jn 8:28; Jn 18:31-32

Responsibility for the crucifixion ascribed to Jews and Gentiles alike

1Co 2:8 See also Jn 19:15; Ac 2:23

The crucifixion involved a curse

Dt 21:22-23 See also Ge 2:17; Ac 5:30; Ac 10:39; Ac 13:29; Gal 3:13; 1Pe 2:24

The crucifixion involved shame

Heb 12:2 See also 1Co 1:23; Php 2:8; Heb 13:13

Believers are united with Jesus Christ in his crucifixion

Gal 2:20 See also Ro 6:6

Crucifixion illustrates discipleship

Mk 8:34 pp Mt 16:24 pp Lk 9:23 See also Mt 10:38; Lk 14:27; Gal 5:24; Gal 6:14

The crucifixion is remembered in glory

Rev 5:6 See also Rev 1:7

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