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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5280 crown
5280 crown

5280 crown

An encircling ornament for the head, worn by monarchs as symbol of royal authority. Also a wreath, worn on joyful occasions or presented to the winner of a race. Used figuratively, the word indicates honour and blessing, the reward awaiting believers in heaven.

A crown as an ornament worn by monarchs

By kings 2Ki 11:12 pp 2Ch 23:11 Crowns worn by the kings of Israel and Judah signified their consecration to God. See also 2Sa 1:10; Ps 89:39; Ps 132:18; Pr 27:24; Zec 9:16

By queens Est 1:11; Est 2:17

A crown as a symbol of royal authority

2Sa 12:30 pp 1Ch 20:2 See also Ps 21:3; Isa 23:8; Jer 13:18; Eze 21:26; Zec 6:11,14; Rev 12:3; Rev 13:1; Rev 19:12

A crown as a symbol of honour

Est 8:15; Job 19:9; Job 31:36; Eze 23:42

A crown as a wreath

Worn on joyful occasions, such as a wedding SS 3:11 See also Pr 4:9; Isa 61:3; Eze 16:12; Eze 23:42

A wreath of laurel leaves, worn by the winner of a race 1Co 9:25 See also 2Ti 2:5

The mock crown (wreath) of thorns put on Jesus Christ’s head

Mt 27:29 pp Mk 15:17 See also Jn 19:2,5

Crown is used figuratively to indicate honour and blessing

Isa 62:3 See also Pr 4:9; Pr 12:4; Pr 14:24; Pr 16:31; Pr 17:6; Isa 28:5; Isa 61:3; La 5:16; Rev 6:2; Rev 9:7; Rev 12:1; Rev 14:14

Paul’s joy and crown 1Th 2:19 See also Php 4:1

Crown represents the honour and blessing that await believers in heaven

1Co 9:25 See also 2Ti 4:8; Jas 1:12; 1Pe 5:4; Rev 2:10; Rev 3:11; Rev 4:4,10

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