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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5279 crowds
5279 crowds

5279 crowds

Multitudes of people feature prominently in the narrative parts of Scripture, particularly in the Gospels and Acts. The attitudes of the crowds to Jesus Christ throw light on his ministry, as do his attitudes to them.

Crowds tend towards evil

Ex 23:2; Ps 64:2; Isa 53:6; Jer 9:2; Eze 23:42; Mk 15:8-15

Crowds and worship

Ps 42:4 See also Ezr 10:1

God’s judgment is pronounced on crowds of people

Eze 7:11-14
Joel 3:14

Multitudes are seen by John in his vision

Rev 7:9 The redeemed in heaven; Rev 17:15 Sinful people on earth.

Crowds played a large part in Jesus Christ’s ministry

Gathering round him: Mt 13:2 pp Mk 4:1 pp Lk 8:4; Mk 3:20; Mk 5:21; Lk 12:1 Following him: Mt 8:1; Mk 3:7; Lk 14:25; Jn 6:2
Mk 9:25 running to the scene of his healings; Lk 8:42 almost crushing him; Lk 3:7 coming to him to be baptised; Mt 15:30 bringing people to him to be healed; Lk 5:29 eating with him; Jn 12:34 questioning him; Jn 12:17 spreading news of him; Jn 7:12 whispering about him

Jesus Christ often taught crowds

Mk 2:13 See also Mt 4:25-5:2 pp Lk 6:17-20; Mt 11:7 pp Lk 7:24; Mt 13:1-3 pp Mk 4:1-3 pp Lk 8:4-5; Mt 13:34; Mt 15:10 pp Mk 7:14; Mt 23:1; Mk 6:34; Mk 10:1

Jesus Christ had compassion on the crowds

Mt 9:36 See also Mk 6:34

He healed them Mt 14:14 See also Mt 19:2

He fed them Mt 14:15-21 pp Mk 6:35-44 pp Lk 9:12-17 pp Jn 6:5-13; Mt 15:32-38 pp Mk 8:1-10

Jesus Christ’s other contacts with crowds

Mt 26:55 pp Mk 14:48 questioning them Being hindered by them: Mt 9:23-25; Mk 2:4 pp Lk 5:19
Mt 14:22 pp Mk 6:45 dismissing them; Lk 4:30 passing through them; Mk 4:36 leaving them; Jn 5:13 slipping away from them; Mk 7:33 leading a man away from the crowd to heal him

Individuals mentioned in connection with a crowd

Mk 9:17 pp Lk 9:37-40 the man with a demon-possessed son; Mk 5:21-34 Jairus and the woman with a haemorrhage; Lk 7:12 the widow with a dead son; Lk 19:2-3 Zaccheus, unable to see Jesus Christ because of the crowd; Mk 10:46-48 pp Lk 18:35-39 blind Bartimaeus, rebuked by the crowd and healed by Jesus Christ; Lk 11:27 the woman who blessed Jesus Christ; Jn 5:3-9 the man, in the crowd of disabled people by the pool, whom Jesus Christ healed The crowd present at the raising of Lazarus: Jn 11:42; Jn 12:17

The crowds’varied reactions to Jesus Christ’s teaching

Awe, amazement, delight and faith Mt 9:8; Mk 1:22; Mk 12:37; Jn 7:31

Accusation, confusion and questioning Jn 7:20; Jn 12:29,34

Crowds played a large part in the final events of Jesus Christ’s life

Mt 21:46 pp Mk 12:12 pp Lk 20:19 Fear of the crowds restrained the Jewish leaders. See also Mt 21:8-11 Crowds demonstrated on Jesus Christ’s entry into Jerusalem; Mk 15:8-15 The crowd, stirred up by the chief priests, asked for the release of Barabbas; Mt 27:24 Pilate washed his hands in front of the crowd; Mt 26:47 pp Mk 14:43 pp Lk 22:47 A crowd came with Judas to Gethsemane.

A crowd gathered in Jerusalem at Pentecost

Ac 2:6 See also Ac 2:14

Crowds featured prominently in the ministry of the apostles

Ac 5:16 bringing the sick to be healed; Ac 8:6 listening to Philip’s preaching in Samaria; Ac 13:44-45 listening to Paul and Barnabas in Pisidian Antioch; Ac 14:11-19 attempting to worship Paul and Barnabas in Lystra; Ac 16:22 attacking Paul and Silas in Philippi; Ac 17:5-13 being stirred up against Paul in Thessalonica and Berea; Ac 19:30-35 rising up against Paul in Ephesus; Ac 21:27-40 rising up against Paul in Jerusalem; Ac 22:22 giving Paul a limited hearing in Jerusalem

Crowds as the source of loud noise

Isa 13:4 See also Da 10:6; Rev 19:1,6

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