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5274 credit

5274 credit

Money or goods lent under pledge of repayment (with or without interest). In the spiritual sense, Jesus Christ’s righteousness is credited to believers.

Credit in Israel: charitable, not commercial

Dt 23:19-20 See also Ex 22:25; Ps 15:5; Eze 18:7,16-17

The pledge (security): laws protecting the borrower

Dt 24:10-13 See also Ex 22:26-27; Lev 25:39-40,42; Dt 24:6

Standing security for another may be hazardous

Pr 22:26-27 See also Pr 6:1-5; Pr 11:15; Pr 17:18 The binding nature of the commitment cautions against a hasty and unwise engagement.

Violations of Israel’s “credit controls” roundly condemned

Ne 5:1-12; Job 22:6; Job 24:3,9; Eze 18:12; Am 2:8

The credit system not condemned by Jesus Christ

Mt 25:27 pp Lk 19:23

Christians to view this subject in the light of God’s grace

Lk 6:34-35 See also Mt 18:23-27 God is a model creditor.

Creditors demanding a pledge to assure repayment

A personal effect Dt 24:6,10-13; Job 24:3; Pr 22:26-27

Mortgage of property Ne 5:3

The surety of a guarantor Pr 6:1-5; Pr 11:15; Pr 17:18; Pr 22:26; Pr 27:13

Creditors exacting repayments cruelly

2Ki 4:1 See also Job 22:6; Job 24:3,9; Ps 109:11; Isa 50:1; Eze 18:12-13; Eze 22:12; Am 2:6,8; Mt 5:25-26; Mt 18:25-26,34

Creditors to be considerate in their demands

Dt 24:6 See also Ex 22:26-27; Lev 25:35-43; Dt 24:10-13

Creditors perhaps remitting the debt entirely

Mt 18:27 See also Ne 5:10-12; Mt 6:12; Lk 7:41-43

Under Mosaic law creditors to cancel debts eventually

Dt 15:1-3 See also Dt 31:10; Ne 10:31

Spiritual aspects of credit

Faith credited as righteousness Ro 4:1-11 See also Ge 15:6; Ps 32:2; Ps 106:31; Eze 18:20; Ro 4:22-24; Jas 2:23

Jesus Christ’s righteousness credited to believers 2Co 5:21 See also Ro 3:22; 1Co 1:30; Php 3:9

Moral aspects of credit

Php 4:17 See also Mt 10:40-42; Mt 25:34-36; Lk 6:32-35; 2Co 5:10; Eph 6:7-8 Good deeds will be remembered and rewarded in heaven.

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