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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5273 creativity
5273 creativity

5273 creativity

Imagination and skill used in the expression of visual or performing arts. Human creativity has its source in God, but may be used either to his honour or dishonour.

God’s creativity

Isa 64:8 See also Job 38:1-41; Ps 139:13-16; Ecc 3:11; Isa 45:7-12,18; Eph 2:10 Redemption may be described in terms of re-creation.

God is the source of human creativity

Ex 35:30-35 See also Ex 31:1-6; Ex 36:1-2

Creativity for its own sake

Ecc 2:4-6

Creativity used in the service of God

Building the tabernacle and temple Ex 36:8 See also 1Ch 22:15-16; 2Ch 2:5-7,13-14

Music and dancing Ps 149:3 See also 1Ch 6:31-32; 1Ch 25:1-7; Ps 92:1-3; Ps 98:5; Ps 144:9

The abuse of human creativity

Hab 2:18 Human creativity, like all of God’s gifts, can be abused by sinful human beings, and used to dishonour him rather than serve him. See also Dt 27:15; 2Ki 19:18; Isa 40:19-20; Isa 44:10-13; Ac 19:23-26

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