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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5264 compensation
5264 compensation

5264 compensation

Compensation under the law of Moses

For personal injuries Ex 21:26-27 See also Ex 21:32

For the loss of an animal Ex 21:33-34 See also Ex 21:35-36

For theft Ex 22:1,3-4 See also Ex 22:7-9

For damage to property Ex 22:5-6

For breach of trust Ex 22:10-15; Lev 6:1-7; Nu 5:5-7 Compensation was only paid when someone was at fault. Similar laws apparently existed in patriarchal times: see Ge 31:39.

Compensation later in the OT

The law applied by David 2Sa 12:4-6

Sevenfold compensation for theft Pr 6:30-31 presumably “sevenfold” here means “manifold”; he will pay in full

Adultery beyond compensation Pr 6:32-35

Compensation a mark of repentance Eze 33:15

Compensation in the NT

For losses inflicted Lk 19:8 In his zeal, after being converted, Zacchaeus goes beyond the requirements of the law. See also Phm 18-19

For losses sustained for the gospel Mt 19:29 pp Lk 18:29-30 God is far more generous under grace than he required wrongdoers to be under law.

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