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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5257 civil authorities
5257 civil authorities

5257 civil authorities

Divinely appointed servants and agents of God exercising their God-given authority for the good of those they govern and punishing those who do wrong, and to whom all must submit.

Civil authorities are divinely appointed

Jn 19:11; Ro 13:1 See also 1Sa 9:17; 1Sa 16:1; Ps 78:70-71; Pr 8:15-16; Jer 27:6; Jer 43:10; Da 2:21,37-38; Da 4:17,32; Da 5:18-21,26-28

Civil authorities are God’s servants and agents

Ro 13:4 See also Isa 45:1; Jer 25:9; Jer 27:6; Jer 43:10; Ro 13:6

Civil authority exercised for the good of all and in order to punish wrongdoers

Pr 21:15; 1Pe 2:13-14 See also Ge 9:6; Ezr 7:26; Ps 72:12-14; Ps 78:72; Pr 19:12; Pr 29:4,14; Ac 25:11; Ro 13:3-4; 1Ti 2:2

Everyone must submit to civil authorities

Pr 24:21-22; Tit 3:1 See also Ecc 8:2-5; Mt 17:24-27; Mt 22:15-21 pp Mk 12:13-17 pp Lk 20:20-25; Ro 13:1,5-7; 1Pe 2:13-14,17

Civil authorities are only to be obeyed in what is lawful according to Scripture

Ac 5:29 See also Ex 1:17; 1Ki 21:2-3; Da 1:8; Da 3:28; Da 6:7-10; Mt 22:21 pp Mk 12:17 pp Lk 20:25; Ac 4:19; Heb 11:23

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