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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5251 chains
5251 chains

5251 chains

Used to hold people in captivity, both physically and spiritually, but also an emblem of honour and public office.

Chains as a means of physical restraint

Mk 5:4 pp Lk 8:29 Ac 12:6-7 See also 2Ki 23:33; Jer 40:1-4; Ac 16:26; Ac 21:33; Ac 22:29; Ac 26:29; Ac 28:20; Eph 6:20; Php 1:7,13-17 Paul in chains for Christ; Col 4:3,18; 2Ti 1:16; 2Ti 2:9; Phm 10,13; Heb 11:36

Chains as a metaphor of captivity

Political bondage Isa 45:14 See also Job 36:8-9; Ps 2:3; Ps 107:10-14; Isa 28:22; Isa 52:2; Eze 7:23; Na 3:10

Spiritual bondage to sin Ps 116:16 See also Isa 58:6-10; La 3:7

God’s binding of sinful angels Jude 6 See also Rev 20:1-2

The domination of others Ecc 7:26

Chains as a form of ornament

As emblems of honour or rank Da 5:29 See also Ge 41:42; Da 5:7,16

As a form of jewellery Pr 1:9 See also Ex 28:22-25 the high priest’s breastplate; Ex 39:15-18; Jdg 8:26; Isa 3:20

As adornment of idols Isa 40:19

As adornment of places of worship 2Ch 3:16 See also Ex 28:13-14; 1Ki 6:21; 1Ki 7:17; 2Ch 3:5

See also

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