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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5249 census
5249 census

5249 census

The counting of individuals, usually for the purpose of war or taxation.

Motivations for a census

To count the number of fighting men available Nu 1:1-4; Nu 26:1-4 See also Nu 1:5-49; Nu 26:5-65

For ascertaining those qualified to be included in the Jewish community Ezr 2:1-65 pp Ne 7:6-67

For purposes of taxation Lk 2:2; Ac 5:37 See also Ex 30:12

God’s anger at David’s unauthorised census

2Sa 24:1-9 pp 1Ch 21:1-6 David’s sin in taking this census was probably that he did so from a motive of self-sufficiency rather than trusting in God.

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