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5248 cart

5248 cart

General description of carts

See also Nu 7:3; 1Sa 6:7,14 made of wood; Isa 5:18 pulled by ropes; Isa 28:27-28 equipped with heavy wheels

Carts as a means of transport

Carts used to transport people Ge 46:5 See also Ge 45:19-21,27; Isa 66:20

Carts used as military transport Eze 23:24 See also Eze 26:10

Carts used to transport grain Am 2:13 See also Ps 65:11

Carts used to transport the tabernacle Nu 7:6-8 The heavier items of the tabernacle and its furniture were carried on covered carts drawn by oxen.

A new cart to transport the ark of the Lord 1Sa 6:8 The Philistines send the ark back to Israel. See also 1Sa 6:10-11; 2Sa 6:2-3 pp 1Ch 13:7 The ark is started on its journey to Jerusalem.

See also

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7459tabernacle, in OT

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