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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5244 camp
5244 camp

5244 camp

A dwelling-place in the desert, often linked with the idea of a wandering people.

Camps and the nomadic lifestyle of early Israel

At the time of the patriarchs Ge 25:16 See also Ge 26:17; Ge 31:25; Ge 32:21; Ge 33:18

During Israel’s wanderings in the wilderness Nu 1:52; Nu 9:17-18 See also Ex 13:20; Ex 16:13; Ex 19:16-17; Ex 32:26-27

During the entry into the promised land Jos 4:19

The camp as a symbol of God’s holy presence

All that was unclean was put outside the camp Lev 13:46; Dt 23:14 See also Ex 29:14; Lev 24:14; Nu 5:2-4; Heb 13:11-13 a picture of Jesus Christ’s rejection

The camp and God’s protection Ge 32:2 See also Ps 34:7

The camp as a military base

1Sa 17:1 See also Jdg 7:8-11,13-15; 2Ki 3:24; Jer 50:29; Eze 4:2

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