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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5236 bow and arrow
5236 bow and arrow

5236 bow and arrow

A weapon used for hunting and in warfare. In the Scriptures the tongue is likened to a bow and unfaithful Israel to a faulty bow. The bow is also symbolic of military power.

The bow and arrow used for hunting

Ge 27:3 See also Isa 7:24

The bow and arrow used in warfare

Ge 48:22; 1Ki 22:34 pp 2Ch 18:33 See also Jos 24:12; 1Sa 2:4; 1Sa 18:4; 2Sa 1:22; 2Sa 22:35 pp Ps 18:34; 2Ki 9:24; 2Ch 14:8 Asa’s army; 2Ch 26:14; Ne 4:13,16; Isa 5:28; Isa 13:18; Jer 6:23; Jer 50:14,29

The tongue likened to a bow

Jer 9:3 See also Ps 64:2-4

Unfaithful Israel likened to a faulty bow

Ps 78:57 See also Hos 7:16

The bow as a symbol of power and strength

Of military power Ps 44:6-7; Ps 60:4 See also Ge 49:24; Ps 46:9; Hos 1:5,7; Hos 2:18; Zec 9:10

Of God’s power in judgment Ps 7:11-12 See also Ps 21:11-12; La 2:4; La 3:12; Hab 3:9; Zec 9:13; Rev 6:2

Of personal strength and vigour Job 29:20 See also Job 30:11

See also

5608warfare, strategies
9210judgment, God’s

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