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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5233 borrowing
5233 borrowing

5233 borrowing

Asking for and receiving money or goods for temporary use as a neighbourly kindness.

Believers should respond to requests to borrow

Mt 5:42 See also Dt 15:7-11; Lk 6:35; Lk 11:5-8

God’s blessing on Israel made borrowing unnecessary

Dt 28:12 See also Dt 15:6

The responsibilities of those who borrow

Repayment Ps 37:21; Ro 13:8

Restitution Ex 22:14-15; 2Ki 6:5-7

Borrowing can bring debt and servitude

Pr 22:7 See also Mt 18:23-25

Security for borrowing

Warnings against putting up security Pr 11:15 See also Pr 6:1-5; Pr 17:18; Pr 22:26-27

Security may be required Pr 20:16; Pr 27:13

Security must be just Dt 24:6 See also Job 22:6; Ne 5:3-13

Jesus Christ was willing to borrow

Examples of borrowing

Lk 5:3 See also Mt 21:1-3 pp Mk 11:1-3 pp Lk 19:30-31; Mt 26:17-19 pp Mk 14:12-16 pp Lk 22:10-12

Other examples Ex 3:21-22; Ex 11:2-3; Ex 12:35-36; 2Ki 4:3; Ne 5:3

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