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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5227 basket
5227 basket

5227 basket

Flat, open baskets to carry bread

In the chief baker’s dream See also Ge 40:16-18

For offering unleavened bread Ex 29:23 pp Lev 8:26 See also Ex 29:2-3 pp Lev 8:1-2; Nu 6:15-17

Baskets used to hold food

To store household provisions Dt 28:5 Signifying the continued provision of food for the household. See also Dt 28:17

To collect food Mt 14:20 pp Mk 6:43 pp Lk 9:17 pp Jn 6:13 See also Mt 13:48; Mt 15:37 pp Mk 8:8; Mt 16:9-10 pp Mk 8:19-20

Baskets used to carry fruit

Jer 24:1-2 See also Dt 23:24; Ps 81:6; Am 8:1-2

Other uses of baskets

Ex 2:3-5 Moses is put into a papyrus basket; Dt 26:2-4 firstfruits presented in a basket; 2Ki 10:7 the heads of Ahab’s sons sent to Jehu in baskets; Zec 5:6-11 The wickedness of Jerusalem is removed, figuratively, to Babylon in a basket. Paul is lowered from the wall of Damascus in a basket: Ac 9:25; 2Co 11:33

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