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5223 banner

5223 banner

Generally, a standard raised in battle as a rallying point for armies. God is described as Israel’s banner in recognition of his powerful defence of his people. The Messiah will raise a banner to rally the scattered exiles of Israel.

Israel’s tribes identified by banners

Nu 2:2 See also Nu 1:52; Nu 2:17,34; Nu 10:14

Banners carried into battle

Battle standards carried by armies Ps 20:5 See also Ps 74:4; SS 6:4; Isa 30:17 Banners to rally armies were often set up on the top of a hill; Jer 4:21

The Lord as Israel’s banner Ex 17:15-16 The Lord is the rallying point for Israel and the source of the nation’s confidence in battle. See also Ps 60:4-6

God’s banner raised against his people Isa 5:25-26 God raises a banner to rally nations to battle against Israel. See also Jer 4:6; Jer 6:1

God’s banner raised against the nations Isa 13:2-5 See also Isa 18:3; Isa 31:9; Jer 50:2; Jer 51:12,27-28

The Messiah as a banner to the peoples

Isa 11:10-12 See also Isa 49:22; Isa 62:10; Zec 10:8; Jn 12:32

Other references to banners

SS 2:4 The king’s love is like a banner, displayed for all to see; Eze 27:7 a banner made from embroidered linen

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