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5219 authority, of human institutions

5219 authority, of human institutions

The exercise of God-established freedom to regulate society for the good of its members.

Without authority sin is unrestrained

Ro 1:24-26 See also Ge 6:5 This was before the giving of the law; Jdg 21:25; Ro 13:4

All human authorities are instituted and established by God

Ro 13:1-2 See also Ge 9:5-6; Da 2:21,37-38; Da 4:17; Da 5:18-21,26; Jn 19:11; 1Pe 2:13

Rulers are God’s servants to do good and restrain evil

Ro 13:4 See also Isa 45:1; Jer 25:9; Jer 27:6; Jer 43:10; Ro 13:6; 1Ti 2:2; 1Pe 2:14

The proper response to human authorities

They are to be obeyed by everyone Ro 13:1 See also Ecc 8:2; Mt 22:17-21 pp Mk 12:14-17 pp Lk 20:22-25; Ro 13:5-7; Tit 3:1; 1Pe 2:13-14

They are to be honoured and respected Pr 24:21 See also Ro 13:7; 1Pe 2:17

They are not to be obeyed if their demands conflict with the law of God Ac 4:19 See also Ex 1:17; 1Ki 21:3; Da 3:18; Da 6:12; Mt 22:21 pp Mk 12:17 pp Lk 20:25; Heb 11:23

They are to be prayed for 1Ti 2:1-2 See also Jer 29:7

Christians are to use rights granted by the authorities Ac 16:35-39; Ac 22:22-29; Ac 25:1-12

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