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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5218 authority, in the home
5218 authority, in the home

5218 authority, in the home

The exercise of God-given authority within the husband-wife and parent-child relationships.

A husband is given headship over his wife

Eph 5:23

The basis for this headship

God’s headship over Jesus Christ 1Co 11:3

Jesus Christ’s headship over the church Eph 5:23

God’s order of creation 1Co 11:8-9 See also Ge 2:20-22

This headship has been affected by the fall

Ge 3:16

How this headship is to be exercised

Lovingly and sacrificially Eph 5:25 See also Eph 5:28,33; Col 3:19; 1Pe 3:7

As Jesus Christ rules as head of the church Eph 5:25-29

Regarding his wife as part of himself Eph 5:28-29 See also 1Pe 3:7

Christian wives are to submit to their husbands

Eph 5:22 pp Col 3:18

They are to follow the example of the submission of the church to Jesus Christ Eph 5:24

Fathers are heads of their families

Ge 18:19 See also Ge 35:2; Jos 24:15; Eph 6:4; 1Ti 3:4,12; Tit 1:6

Fathers’authority is to be exercised reasonably

Eph 6:4 See also Col 3:21

The response of children to parental authority

Obedience Eph 6:1 pp Col 3:20 See also Pr 6:20; Pr 23:22

Respect Eph 6:2-3 See also Dt 5:16; Ex 20:12; Ex 21:15,17; Dt 27:16; Pr 19:26; Pr 20:20; Mt 19:19 pp Mk 10:19 pp Lk 18:20

Kinds of authority within the family

Authority to discipline Pr 19:18 See also Pr 23:13; Pr 29:17

Authority to teach Pr 1:8 See also Pr 3:1; Pr 13:1

Authority to command Col 3:20 pp Eph 6:1 See also Pr 6:20-23

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