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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5214 attack
5214 attack

5214 attack

A violent act of aggression often associated with intent to invade, sometimes as an act of retribution and occasionally as a strategic act of self-defence. Scripture also recognises the possibility of spiritual aggression through attack by evil forces.

Examples of God’s people attacking others

Ge 14:14-16 Abraham attacks the captors of the king of Sodom; Jdg 7:19-21 Gideon attacks the Midianites; 1Sa 14:13-14 Jonathan attacks the Philistines; 2Sa 5:6-7 pp 1Ch 11:4-5 David attacks the Jebusites; Dt 20:1-20 Moses gives detailed instruction on going to war.

The Israelites attack the inhabitants of Canaan Jos 6:2,20 See also Jos 8:1-3,21-22; Jos 10:9-10,29-42; Jos 11:7-8,16-23

Examples of God’s people attacked by others

By the Amalekites Ex 17:8-13

By the Midianites See also Jdg 6:1-6

By the Ammonites Jdg 10:9; Jdg 11:4-6; 2Sa 10:8 pp 1Ch 19:9; 2Ch 20:1

By the Philistines 1Sa 7:7 See also 2Sa 5:17,22 pp 1Ch 14:8 pp 1Ch 14:13; Ps 56:1-2

By Syria (Aram) 1Ki 20:1 See also 1Ki 20:26; 2Ki 3:21-27 the Moabites seek to attack Israel but are routed; 2Ki 5:2; 2Ki 6:24-25; 2Ki 12:17; 2Ch 16:1-4; 2Ch 28:5

By the Egyptians 2Ch 12:1-4,7-9

Attacks on God’s people resulting in exile

Israel attacked by the Assyrians 2Ki 17:3-6 See also 2Ki 18:9-12

Judah attacked by the Babylonians 2Ch 36:5-7 pp 2Ki 24:1 See also 2Ki 24:10-16; 2Ki 25:1,8-11 pp 2Ch 36:15-20; Jer 32:24; Eze 33:21

God’s people attack each other

Intertribal warfare Jdg 9:22-23,39-45; Jdg 20:18-48

The north (Israel) and south (Judah) attack each other 2Ki 14:11-14 pp 2Ch 25:20-24 See also 2Ch 13:1-3

Attacks within the church Jas 4:1-2 See also Php 3:2; 1Th 5:15; Jas 4:11-12; 1Pe 3:9

Examples of individuals who were attacked

Ge 4:8; Ac 16:22 See also Ex 21:12-20; 1Sa 19:9-10; 1Sa 24:7

The danger of attack by Satan and his agents

1Pe 5:8-9 See also Mt 4:1-11 pp Lk 4:1-13; Eph 6:12; Rev 11:7

God provides protection against both physical and spiritual attack

Eph 6:13-18 See also Ps 7:10; Ps 18:1-3; Ps 138:7; 2Ti 4:18

See also

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