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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5210 arrows
5210 arrows

5210 arrows

Pointed pieces of wood, shot from a bow, used in hunting and warfare. In the hands of skilful archers they are accurate and deadly weapons. Figuratively, they represent conviction and judgments from God, or the hurtful words of men and women.

Characteristics of arrows

Deadly Ps 64:3 See also Dt 32:42; Ps 7:13; Eze 5:16

Accurate 2Ki 9:24

Sharp and piercing Ps 45:5 See also 2Ki 9:24; Job 20:24; Ps 120:4; Isa 5:28

Arrows used as a sign

To warn David 1Sa 20:19-22

Of victory over Aram 2Ki 13:17-19

Of divination by the Babylonians Eze 21:21

Arrows referred to figuratively

To describe conviction from God Ps 38:2 See also Job 6:4; Job 34:6; La 3:12-13

To describe judgment from God Ps 64:7 See also Dt 32:23,42; Ps 45:5; Eze 5:16

To describe false accusations Ps 64:3-4 See also Ps 11:2; Ps 57:4

To describe false testimony Pr 25:18 See also Pr 26:18-19; Jer 9:3,8

To describe attacks of Satan Eph 6:16

As lightning Ps 77:17 See also 2Sa 22:15; Ps 144:6; Zec 9:14

As sons as a blessing from God Ps 127:3-5

See also

5236bow and arrow
8486spiritual warfare, armour

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