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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5208 armies
5208 armies

5208 armies

An organised military force for the defence or expansion of national borders. Israel’s national life was characterised by many battles with foreign nations such as Egypt, Philistia, Assyria and Babylon and by Roman occupation.

Examples of armies in conflict with Israel

The Egyptian army when Israel left Egypt Ex 14:5-9,23-25

The inhabitants of Canaan when Israel entered the promised land Jos 3:10; Jos 12:1,7; Jos 23:9; Jdg 3:1-3

The Philistines, a constant enemy 1Sa 13:5; 1Sa 14:20-23; 1Sa 17:1-3; 1Sa 31:1,7 pp 1Ch 10:7

Assyria, defeating the northern kingdom of Israel 2Ki 15:29; 2Ki 17:5-6; Isa 36:1

Babylon, defeating the southern kingdom of Judah 2Ki 24:1; 2Ki 25:1; Jer 39:1 pp Jer 52:4; 2Ki 25:10-11 pp 2Ch 36:17

Palestine occupied by the Roman army in NT times

Roman law in force at the time of Jesus Christ Lk 2:1; Jn 18:28

Roman military personnel in the life of Jesus Christ and in the lives of the first Christians Mt 8:5 pp Lk 7:3; Mt 27:54 pp Lk 23:47; Ac 10:1; Ac 21:31

Development of Israel’s army from the time of the exodus to the reign of Solomon

A military census taken after the exodus Nu 1:3; Nu 26:2

Fighting men to possess the promised land Dt 7:1-2; Jos 1:10-11; Jos 12:1

The army as a tribal militia assembled in times of crisis Jdg 4:1-6

Certain tribes gaining reputations for proficiency in particular forms of combat Jdg 20:16; 1Ch 12:2,8,24-37

Saul and David having regular contingents of special forces 1Sa 13:2; 2Sa 15:18; 2Sa 23:8-12 pp 1Ch 11:10-14

Forces divided into twelve battalions, each serving for a month at a time 1Ch 27:1

Chariot forces hardly known in David’s time, but much used by Solomon 2Sa 8:3-4; 1Ki 4:26; 1Ki 10:26

God’s sovereignty over the armies of Israel and over his spiritual armies

Jos 5:13-15; 1Sa 17:45; 1Ki 22:19; 2Ki 6:17

In the final battle between good and evil, Jesus Christ appearing as the leader of the armies of heaven Rev 19:14,19

God as the commander of armies

Ps 89:8 The term here, and in the following verses, translated as “Lord God Almighty” may also be translated “Lord God of hosts” or “Lord God of armies”. See also 1Ki 19:10; Jer 5:14; Hos 12:5; Am 4:13

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