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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5207 architecture
5207 architecture

5207 architecture

The design of buildings, for religious or secular use. Building designs were often regarded in Scripture as embodying spiritual truths, and capable of being divinely inspired.

Examples of architecture

The tabernacle Heb 8:5 See also Ex 25:8-9; Ex 26:1-37

The temple 1Ch 28:11-12 See also 1Ki 6:1-10,15-38; 1Ch 28:19; 2Ch 3:1-17; 2Ch 4:1-22

Altars Jos 8:31 See also Ex 20:25; 2Ki 16:10-11 Adopting the design of a pagan altar indicated both idolatry and submission to Assyria.

Ordinary dwellings Dt 22:8

Ezekiel’s vision of a restored temple Eze 40:1-49; Eze 41:1-26; Eze 42:1-20; Eze 43:10-17

Other structures Ge 11:4; 1Ki 7:1-12; Pr 24:3-4 implies that a house must be more than bricks and mortar; Jer 22:13-14

Divinely dictated design

The ark Ge 6:14-16 the earliest recorded example of naval architecture

Building design as a spiritual metaphor

The prophecy of the rejected stone Ps 118:22; Mt 21:42 pp Mk 12:10 pp Lk 20:17; 1Pe 2:7; Mt 7:24-27 the two foundations pp Lk 6:48-49; 1Co 3:10-13 the work of Christian ministers; Eph 2:19-22 the church; 1Pe 2:4-7; Isa 54:11-12 the heavenly city; Heb 11:10; Rev 21:9-22

God as the architect of creation

Job 38:4-5

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