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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5205 alliance
5205 alliance

5205 alliance

The coalition of two or more parties in order to achieve a particular aim. Political alliances might be formalised in a treaty or sealed by marriage. Human rebellion against God is demonstrated in hostile alliances against his people culminating in the rejection of Christ and the final gathering and overthrow of the nations outside Jerusalem. Because God’s people are to depend on him alone, unholy alliances are condemned; however God does work in partnership with human allies and encourages his people to work together.

Political alliances

General examples Ge 14:1-3,13; 1Sa 27:2

Alliances formalised in a treaty Ge 21:27; Ge 26:31; 1Ki 5:12; 1Ki 15:19 pp 2Ch 16:3

Alliances sealed by marriage 1Ki 3:1; 2Ch 18:1; Da 11:6,17

Alliances against God and his people

Surrounding nations against God’s people Ps 83:5-8 See also Jos 10:5-6; Jos 11:4-5; 2Ch 20:1; Isa 7:1-2; Ne 4:8

The nations against Jesus Christ Ac 4:25-27 See also Ps 2:1-2

The nations against Jerusalem Zec 14:2; Rev 20:8-9

The wicked against the righteous Ps 31:13 See also Ps 56:6; Ps 59:3; Ps 71:10

The rich and powerful against the weak Mic 7:3 See also Ps 94:20-21

God is greater than human alliances Ps 48:4-5; Na 1:12 See also 2Ch 20:22; Isa 7:4; Eze 30:6; Eze 31:17; Ob 7; Na 3:8-10

Unholy alliances condemned by God

God’s people forbidden to ally with the unrighteous Ex 34:12; 2Co 6:14-16 See also Dt 23:6; Jos 9:7; Jos 23:12

Examples of alliances condemned by God 2Ki 16:7 pp 2Ch 28:16 Ahaz’s proposed alliance with Assyria; 2Ch 20:35-37 Jehoshaphat’s alliance with Ahaziah of Israel Judah’s alliance with Egypt: Isa 30:1; Isa 31:1
Hos 12:1 Israel’s vacillation between Egypt and Assyria

The futility of trust in human allies Isa 31:3 See also Jer 13:21; Jer 22:20-21; La 1:19

God works with human allies

God uses Cyrus to deliver Israel Isa 48:14 See also Isa 13:4; Isa 41:2; Jer 50:9; Jer 51:20-23

Fellow-workers with God 2Co 6:1 See also 1Co 3:9; 2Co 5:20

Believers allied in God’s service

Working together Ezr 5:2; Ne 4:6; 1Co 15:10

Paul’s fellow-workers Php 4:3 See also Ro 16:3,21; 2Co 8:23; Php 2:25; Phm 24

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