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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5204 age
5204 age

5204 age

The number of years reached or expected to be reached in a human life. The span of life is determined by God and may be divided into distinct phases, each with its own characteristics. The term may also refer to an era of history, particularly in contrasting the present age with the coming age to be inaugurated at Jesus Christ’s return.

The span of life

In God’s hands Mt 6:27 pp Lk 12:25 See also 1Sa 2:6; Ps 139:16; Ecc 8:8; Jas 4:14-15

Longevity in the OT Ge 5:5 See also Ge 5:27; Ge 9:29 After the flood the length of human life is gradually reduced: Ge 6:3; Ge 25:7; Ge 47:28

The present-day span of life Ps 90:10 See also 2Sa 5:4-5 David lives to be 70; 2Sa 19:34-35 Barzillai, aged 80, expects to die soon; Isa 23:15

Its apparent brevity Ps 39:4-6 See also Ge 47:9; Job 7:6; Ps 89:47; Ps 90:3-6

Long life is a blessing from God Pr 10:27 See also Ps 91:16; Pr 3:1-2

Phases of human life

Importance associated with age Ge 43:33; 1Sa 16:6-11; Lk 22:26

The age of discretion Jn 9:21-23 See also Lk 2:42

The age of maturity: 20 years Lev 27:3 Adulthood reckoned from the age of 20; Nu 26:2-4 See also Nu 1:3,45; Nu 14:29; Nu 32:11; Jos 5:4 The age of serving Levites reduced to 20: 1Ch 23:24; 2Ch 31:17; Ezr 3:8

Full maturity reckoned from the age of 30 Lk 3:23 See also Nu 4:3 Levites assumed their duties at the age of 30; Nu 8:24 From the ages of 25 to 30, Levites may have served an apprenticeship.

Old age Lev 27:7 Levites retired from duty at the age of 50: Nu 4:47; Nu 8:25-26

Mountains as symbols of age

Hab 3:6 See also Ge 49:26; Job 15:7; Ps 90:2; Pr 8:25

Ages of history

Before Jesus Christ was revealed Eph 3:9 See also Ro 16:25-26; 1Co 10:11; Col 1:26; Heb 1:1-2

The present evil age Gal 1:4 See also 1Co 1:20; 1Co 2:6-8; 2Co 4:4; Eph 2:2; Tit 2:12

The end of this age Mt 13:49 See also Mt 13:39-40; Mt 24:3,10

The age to come Mt 19:28-29 See also Mk 10:30 pp Lk 18:30; Lk 20:34-36; Eph 2:7; 1Ti 6:19

Blessing in the present age Heb 6:5 See also Mt 28:20; Mk 1:15; Eph 1:21; Heb 9:26

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