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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5203 acquittal
5203 acquittal

5203 acquittal

The declaration of innocence and release from custody. It may be literal, in the context of human courts of justice, or figurative, God being portrayed as the judge of all the earth.

Divine justice

Acquittal of the innocent Mt 12:33-37 See also 1Ki 8:31-32 pp 2Ch 6:22-23; Job 4:7; Pr 10:16; Da 6:16-22; Mt 12:5

Punishment of the guilty Ex 23:6-7 See also Ex 34:5-7; Job 4:8-9; Mic 6:9-16; Na 1:1-6

The acquittal of sinners in justification Ro 5:1-2 See also Ro 4:23-25

Human justice

Dt 25:1-3 See also Ex 22:2; Ex 23:7-8; Dt 19:15-19; 2Ki 10:1-9; Isa 29:20-21

Unjust acquittal of the guilty

Pr 17:15 See also Pr 18:5; Pr 24:23-25; Isa 5:22-23

Examples of acquittal of the innocent

Ac 18:12-17 See also Ac 16:35-39

Instances when the innocent were not acquitted

Jesus Christ was not acquitted because of pressure from the chief priests and the elders Mt 27:11-26 pp Mk 15:2-15 pp Lk 23:2-3 pp Lk 23:18-25 pp Jn 18:29-19:16

Paul was not acquitted because he had appealed to Caesar Ac 26:30-32 See also Ac 25:1-12,23-26:25

See also

1075God, justice of
1310God as judge

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