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5199 womb

5199 womb

The part of the female body where offspring are conceived and developed. A barren womb can be indicative of God’s displeasure or a test of faith, while a fruitful womb may be a sign of his favour. It is God who creates within the womb. In ancient Israel, the first offspring of every womb belonged to God.

The womb as the place of conception and gestation

Ps 139:13-16 See also Ge 25:23-24; Ge 38:27; Dt 28:53,57; Job 3:10-12; Job 10:18-19; Job 31:15; Ps 22:9-11; Ecc 11:5; Isa 44:2,24; Isa 49:5; Isa 66:7-9; Jer 1:5; Jer 20:14-18; Hos 12:3; Lk 1:41-45; Jn 3:4; Ro 4:19-21

The barren womb

Indicating divine displeasure Ge 20:18 See also Ge 29:31; Hos 9:11,14

As a test of faith Lk 1:6-25 See also Ge 30:22-23; 1Sa 1:5-6

A blessing in times of persecution Lk 23:29-31 See also Mt 24:19 pp Mk 13:17 pp Lk 21:23

A fruitful womb may indicate God’s favour

Dt 7:13 See also Ge 29:31; Ge 30:22-23; Ge 49:25; Dt 28:4,11; Dt 30:9; Ps 127:3-5; Ps 128:3-4

The first offspring of every womb belonged to God

Ex 13:1-2 See also Ex 13:12,15; Nu 18:15

Proverbial use of the womb

Job 1:21 See also Job 15:34-35; Job 24:20; Job 38:8,29; Ps 110:3; Pr 30:15-16; Pr 31:2; Ecc 5:15; Hos 13:13

Spiritual life beginning in the womb

Ps 22:9-10 See also Ps 51:5; Ps 58:3; Ps 71:6

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