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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5189 teeth
5189 teeth

5189 teeth

Scripture often uses teeth symbolically, to refer to the power of individuals or to human rage (as in the “gnashing of teeth”).

Teeth in a literal sense

In eating Nu 11:33 See also Da 7:5,7,19; Zec 9:7; Rev 9:8

As an object of beauty SS 4:2 See also Ge 49:12; SS 6:6

As an object of fear Job 41:14 See also Dt 32:24; Job 20:16; Joel 1:6

Teeth used symbolically

To represent offensive weapons Ps 57:4; Pr 30:14

To symbolise military power Isa 41:15 See also Joel 1:6; Am 1:3; Hab 3:12

God rescues his people from the teeth of their enemies Ps 124:6 See also Job 4:10; Da 6:20-21

Breaking the teeth of the wicked ends their power Ps 3:7 See also Job 29:17; Ps 58:6 Enemies are often described as dangerous animals.

Gnashing of teeth

In rage Ac 7:54 See also Job 16:9; Ps 35:16; Ps 37:12

In frustration Ps 112:10

In anguish Mt 8:12; Mt 13:42,50; Mt 22:13; Mt 24:51; Mt 25:30; Lk 13:28

In gloating La 2:16

Under demonic influence Mk 9:18

Proverbial sayings about teeth

Job 19:20; Pr 10:26; Jer 31:29-30; Eze 18:2

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