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5185 stomach

5185 stomach

As well as the physical stomach, the term is used in association with God’s judgment or in a figurative sense.

Stomach as part of the physical body

1Co 6:13 See also Job 40:16; SS 7:2; Da 2:32

Jonah in the stomach of a huge fish Mt 12:40 See also Jnh 1:17-2:1

Ritual laws concerning the stomach

Mk 7:18-19 pp Mt 15:17 See also Lev 11:41-45

Afflictions of the stomach

Lk 15:16 hunger; 1Ti 5:23 illness

Fatal wounding in the stomach

Jdg 3:21; 2Sa 2:23; 2Sa 3:27; 2Sa 4:6; 2Sa 20:10

The stomach and God’s judgment

Severe stomach pain Jer 30:6-7 See also Nu 5:20-22,27

Crawling on one’s stomach as a sign of submission Ge 3:14 Part of God’s curse upon Satan. See also Ps 72:9; Isa 49:23; Isa 65:25; Mic 7:17

Hunger as a result of God’s judgment Mic 6:14 See also Job 20:12-15,20-23; Pr 13:25; Isa 9:20; Eze 7:19

An empty stomach as a warning Am 4:6

The stomach and God’s blessing

In the OT a full stomach was one sign of God’s blessing: Ps 34:9-10; Ps 37:19,25; Pr 10:3

Figurative uses of the stomach

Stomach as a symbol of inner thoughts Eze 3:3 See also Pr 18:8; Pr 26:22; Rev 10:9-10

Stomach as a symbol of worldliness Php 3:19 See also Ro 16:18

Stomach as something to be filled Pr 18:20 See also Job 15:2; Jer 51:34

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