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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5183 smell
5183 smell

5183 smell

An aroma; God is pleased by the aroma of sacrifice, whether a literal sacrifice or the figurative offering of Christian service is a picture of its acceptability to him. Bad smells can indicate physical decay or the results of judgment. To be a stench to someone is to be held in contempt or hated by that person.

The aroma of sacrifice

Ge 8:21 See also Lev 1:9; Lev 2:2; Lev 3:5; Lev 4:31; Lev 6:15,21; Lev 8:21; Lev 23:13,18; Nu 15:14,24 offerings to be made for unintentional breaking of the Lord’s commandments; Nu 18:17; Nu 28:2; Nu 29:2

Substances to create a pleasing smell Ex 30:7-8 See also Ex 30:22-29,34-38; Ex 35:28; Ex 37:29; Ex 40:26-27; Nu 4:16; 2Ch 2:4; 2Ch 13:11

The aroma of sacrifice is not always pleasing to God Lev 26:31; Eze 8:11-13; Eze 20:27-29

Jesus Christ was the supreme fragrant offering Eph 5:2

God accepts his people as fragrant incense

Eze 20:41 See also Hos 14:5-6

A pleasing aroma depicts acceptable Christian service

2Co 2:14-16 See also Php 4:18

Fragrance associated with the expression of love

SS 1:2-3; SS 4:16-5:1 The beloved’s garden is an image of her body. See also Ps 45:8; SS 1:12-13; SS 3:6; SS 4:10-11; SS 5:13; SS 7:8
Jn 12:3

A bad smell

Indicating decay Jn 11:39 See also Ex 16:20 Manna soon smelled bad if kept. This meant the Israelites had to trust God afresh for each day’s supply.

As the result of God’s judgment The first plague on Egypt, which made the Nile smell bad: Ex 7:18,21
Isa 34:3; Am 4:10

As a picture of the results of judgment Isa 3:24; Isa 19:6; Joel 2:20

As a figurative cause of contempt or hatred Ge 34:30; Ex 5:21 The word “offence” is from a Hebrew root-word meaning “to smell bad”: 1Sa 13:4; 2Sa 10:6 pp 1Ch 19:6; 2Sa 16:21

Idols cannot smell

Ps 115:4-6 See also Dt 4:28

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