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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5179 sandal
5179 sandal

5179 sandal

A form of open shoe worn in warm climates, and the only form of foot-covering to be of major importance in Scripture. Both the wearing and the removal of sandals is often seen as symbolic; to go barefoot was often a sign of shame, mourning or poverty.

Sandals were normally worn by an official, soldier or messenger

1Ki 2:5; Eph 6:15

Untying and carrying sandals was the task of a servant

Mt 3:11 pp Mk 1:7 pp Lk 3:16 pp Jn 1:27 John considers himself unworthy even to be a slave of Jesus Christ. See also Ac 13:25

The removal of sandals as a gesture

As a mark of respect in the presence of God Ex 3:5 See also Jos 5:15; Ac 7:33

To show rejection of any claim to property Dt 25:9-10; Ru 4:7-8; Ps 60:8 pp Ps 108:9

To predict the defeat and disgrace of Egypt and Assyria Isa 20:2-4

As a sign of mourning and repentance 2Sa 15:30; Eze 24:17,23; Mic 1:8

The symbolic use of sandals

As symbols of readiness for action Ex 12:11

As symbols of oppression and injustice See also Am 2:6; Am 8:6

Fine sandals as a status symbol Eze 16:10; Lk 15:22

Sandals as an example of the need for minimum possessions in God’s service

Mt 10:10 pp Mk 6:9 pp Lk 10:4; Lk 22:35

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