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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5171 nose
5171 nose

5171 nose

The nose as part of the human body

Human life is given and sustained through the nostrils Ge 2:7 See also Ge 7:22; Nu 11:20; Job 27:3; Isa 2:22

The nose and the sense of smell Ge 27:27 See also Job 39:25; SS 4:11; Da 3:27; Am 4:10; 1Co 12:17

Animals snort and sniff through their noses

Job 39:20; Job 41:18,20; Jer 2:24; Jer 8:16

The nose and sneezing

2Ki 4:35

The nose as an object of beauty

SS 7:4

The nose may be adorned with rings Eze 16:12 See also Ge 24:22,30,47; Isa 3:21

The nose is vulnerable to attack

Pr 30:33 See also Eze 23:25

Captives are led by rings or hooks in the nose

2Ki 19:28 pp Isa 37:29 See also 2Ch 33:11; Am 4:2

Contempt is communicated by means of the nose

Ps 10:5; Isa 57:4; Mal 1:13; Lk 16:14; Lk 23:35; Ac 17:32

Offence is taken, metaphorically, by the nose

People take offence 2Sa 16:21 See also Ge 34:30; Ex 5:21; 2Sa 10:6 pp 1Ch 19:6

God takes offence Isa 65:5

God’s power is indicated by the blast of his nostrils

Ex 15:8 See also 2Sa 22:9 pp Ps 18:8; 2Sa 22:16 pp Ps 18:15

Lifeless idols have noses

Ps 115:6 See also Dt 4:28

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