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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5168 muteness
5168 muteness

5168 muteness

The inability to speak or to make sounds comprehensible as speech.

Physical muteness

A disability, sometimes associated with demon-possession, healed by Jesus Christ Mt 9:32-33 See also Mt 12:22 pp Lk 11:14; Mt 15:30-31; Mk 7:31-37; Mk 9:14-29

Healing as a Messianic sign Mt 12:22-23 See also Isa 32:4; Isa 35:6; Mt 4:23; Mt 9:33

God and muteness

God gives and withholds speech Ex 4:11-12 See also Ex 4:10

God may impose muteness in judgment Lk 1:20 See also Lk 1:64

God may silence his prophets Eze 3:26 See also Eze 24:27; Eze 33:22

The muteness of idols

1Co 12:2 See also 1Ki 18:26; Ps 115:5 pp Ps 135:16; Isa 41:26,28; Isa 46:7; Jer 10:5; Hab 2:18-19

Spiritual aspects of muteness and silence

Evil silenced by God Job 5:16; Ps 63:11; Ps 107:42; Eze 16:63; Mk 3:4; Ro 3:19

Evil silenced by godliness 1Pe 2:15

Silence on earth Hab 2:20

Silence in heaven Rev 8:1

God opens believers’mouths in praise Ps 40:3

Voluntary muteness

Of David Ps 38:13-14 See also Ps 39:1-3,9

Of Jesus Christ Isa 53:7 See also Ac 8:32; Ps 38:13; Mt 26:62-63 pp Mk 14:60-61; Mt 27:12-14 pp Mk 15:5 pp Jn 19:9; Lk 23:8-9

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