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5154 forehead

5154 forehead

The front of the head between the eyes. Often used figuratively in phrases denoting a stubborn or persevering attitude. The forehead is the place where symbols of remembrance or allegiance can be placed. Such symbols may particularly represent allegiance to God or Satan.

Literal use of the forehead

See also Lev 13:41-43; 2Ch 26:19-20 In the following verses the forehead is used as a symbol of a person’s strength. Injury to the forehead is associated with the end of life: Nu 24:17; 1Sa 17:49; Jer 48:45; Eze 3:9

The forehead used figuratively to denote stubbornness

Isa 48:4

The forehead as a place for symbols which prompt remembrance

Ex 13:9 See also Ex 13:16 Some Jews take these words literally and tie phylacteries, small boxes containing Scripture verses, to their foreheads: Dt 6:8; Dt 11:18

The forehead as a place for symbols of dedication and allegiance

To God and his purposes Ex 28:36-38 See also Eze 9:4; Rev 7:3; Rev 9:4; Rev 14:1; Rev 22:4 The receipt of this symbol of allegiance provides protection in judgment and a reminder of the Passover where God’s marked people escaped judgment.

To Satan and his ways Rev 13:16; Rev 14:9; Rev 17:5; Rev 20:4

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