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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5148 ear
5148 ear

5148 ear

The organ of hearing; the ear is referred to in various OT rites and is a symbol of attention, alertness or readiness to hear.

The ear in the OT rites

Piercing the ear: a symbol of servanthood Ps 40:6 See also Ex 21:5-6; Dt 15:16-17

Blood applied to the ear: a symbol of cleansing and ordination Lev 8:23 See also Ex 29:20; Lev 14:14

God’s ear as a symbol of his alertness to humanity

Ps 116:1-2 See also 2Ki 19:16; 2Ch 7:15; Ne 1:6 God’s ear is especially alert to the poor and the oppressed, as well as to the righteous: Job 34:28; Jas 5:4
Ps 5:1; Ps 31:2; Ps 34:15; Ps 88:2; Ps 130:1-2; Da 9:18

God’s ear may be turned away from humanity

Ps 28:1 The refusal to turn an ear towards someone was a symbol of refusing to listen. See also Dt 1:45; La 3:56; Eze 8:18 God’s attending ear is partly dependent on human attitudes to him.

The human ear used symbolically

Human ears should be open to God Isa 50:4-5; Isa 55:3 See also Job 42:5; Ps 81:8; Isa 30:21; Isa 32:3; Mt 13:9 pp Mk 4:9 pp Lk 8:8 “He who has ears” implies a potential willingness to listen; Mt 13:16; Mk 9:7; Rev 2:7

Human ears may be closed against God Zec 7:11-13 See also Ps 58:4-5; Isa 6:10

The human ear should also be open to others Isa 48:8; Jer 6:10; Eze 12:2; Ac 7:51,57; 2Ti 4:4
Pr 21:13

A discerning ear brings knowledge and understanding

See also Job 12:11; Job 13:1; Job 34:3; Pr 18:15

See also

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