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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5145 clothing
5145 clothing

5145 clothing

Garments were originally provided by God for Adam and Eve. Kings and priests were given special garments. God’s people should neither be unduly anxious about how they dress, nor judge others by what they wear. Inner clothing is more important than outer adornment.

The origin of clothing

Ge 3:21

Various regulations regarding clothing

See also Lev 15:1-27; Dt 22:5,11-12

Special clothing for priests

Ex 28:1-5; Ex 29:5-6; Ex 39:1; Lev 8:7-9; Eze 44:17-19

Rich clothing a sign of wealth or status

Ge 41:42; 2Sa 13:18; Est 6:8-9; Est 8:15; Ps 45:13-14; Da 5:7; Lk 16:19; Ac 12:21

The Israelites’clothing did not wear out in the desert wanderings

Dt 8:4; Dt 29:5; Ne 9:21

Clothing as a symbol of fragility and perishability

Isa 51:8 See also Isa 50:9

Symbolic actions involving clothing

The hem or corner of a garment Ru 3:9 The corner of a garment spread over a person denotes protection and possession. Touching or taking hold of the corner of a garment indicates putting oneself under the control or domination of another: Zec 8:23; Mt 9:20 pp Lk 8:44; Jn 20:17 Cutting or tearing off the corner of someone else’s garment indicates rebellion or a desire to break away from their control or authority: 1Sa 15:27; 1Sa 24:4-5 Tearing one’s own garments is a sign of mourning or distress: Ge 37:29,34; Ge 44:13; Lev 10:6
2Sa 3:31

Provision of rich clothing a picture of God’s love

See also Eze 16:10-13; Lk 15:22

Examples of unusual clothing

Joseph’s richly ornamented robe Ge 37:3,23,32

The dress of Elijah and John the Baptist 2Ki 1:8; Mt 3:4 pp Mk 1:6

Isaiah’s lack of clothing a prophetic sign Isa 20:2-4

The mock robing of Jesus Christ Mt 27:28 pp Mk 15:17 pp Jn 19:2; Lk 23:11

Gambling at the cross for Jesus Christ’s clothing Mt 27:35 pp Mk 15:24 pp Lk 23:34 pp Jn 19:23-24; Ps 22:18

Women and clothing

Women praised for making clothing Pr 31:21,24; Ac 9:39

Women urged to dress modestly 1Ti 2:9 See also 1Pe 3:3

Believers not to be unduly anxious about clothing

Mt 6:28-30 pp Lk 12:27-28

Believers not to discriminate because of clothing

Jas 2:1-4

Inner clothing more important than outer adornment

1Pe 3:3-4 See also 1Sa 16:7; Pr 31:25; Isa 52:1; Isa 61:3; Col 3:12; 1Ti 2:9-10; 1Pe 5:5

The robe of righteousness

Isa 61:10 See also Job 29:14; Ps 132:9,16; Zec 3:3-5; Mt 22:1-14; 2Co 5:2-4; Rev 3:17-18; Rev 19:8

White clothing, the clothing of heaven

The transfiguration of Jesus Christ Mt 17:2 pp Mk 9:3 pp Lk 9:29

The angels at the tomb See also Mt 28:3 pp Mk 16:5 pp Lk 24:4; Jn 20:12

The vision of the redeemed Rev 3:4-5 See also Rev 3:18; Rev 4:4; Rev 6:11; Rev 7:9

The vision of the exalted Christ Rev 1:13; Rev 19:13

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