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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5144 cloak
5144 cloak

5144 cloak

A protective outer garment, often treated as a symbol of authority.

The cloak used as a garment

Ac 12:8 See also Ge 39:12,18; 1Ki 19:13; SS 5:7; Mt 5:40 pp Lk 6:29; Mt 9:20-21 pp Mk 5:27-28 pp Lk 8:44 A woman’s bleeding is stopped; Mt 14:36 pp Mk 6:56; Mt 24:18 pp Mk 13:16; Ac 22:22-24; 2Ti 4:13

The cloak used as a covering or blanket

Ex 22:26-27 See also Dt 24:13,17

Symbolic use of the cloak

Royal symbolism 2Ki 9:13 This constituted an act of royal homage. See also Mt 21:7-8 pp Mk 11:7-8 pp Lk 19:35-36

Prophetic symbolism 1Ki 19:19 See also 1Ki 11:30; 2Ki 2:8,13-14

The cloak torn as a symbol of mourning Ezr 9:3 See also Ezr 9:5

Figurative use of cloaks

Ps 109:29 See also Ps 109:18-19; Pr 30:4; Isa 59:17

See also

5188tearing of clothes

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