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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5140 breasts
5140 breasts

5140 breasts

On a woman, the bosom; on a man the upper part of the chest. Female breasts are primarily referred to as a means of feeding young and as a figurative description of Israel and God as nursing mothers. Beating of the breast is a sign of remorse. The breast is protected in physical and spiritual warfare.

Breasts as a symbol of fertility

Ge 49:25

Breasts as the means of feeding young

See also 1Sa 1:23 until they are weaned; 1Ki 3:20; Job 3:12; Ps 22:9; SS 8:1; Joel 2:16; Lk 11:27 “Nursing” includes breast-feeding.

Nursing mothers and their children experience acute distress Lk 23:29 See also Job 24:9; Mt 24:19 pp Mk 13:17 pp Lk 21:23 The implication is that children nursing at their mothers’breasts are completely vulnerable and defenceless.

Other creatures breast-feed their young La 4:3

Female breasts are attractive

SS 8:10 See also Pr 5:19; SS 4:5; SS 7:3,7-8

Breasts are a source of temptation Pr 5:20

Undeveloped breasts are a sign of youth SS 8:8

The figurative breasts of Israel

Jerusalem as a breasted woman Eze 16:7

Jerusalem as a nursing mother Isa 66:10-12

Jerusalem as a prostitute Eze 23:3 The two sisters are Samaria and Jerusalem. See also Eze 23:8,21; Hos 2:2 Gomer’s unfaithfulness is likened to that of Israel.

Dry breasts are a sign of God’s punishment Hos 9:14

God’s care exceeds that of nursing mothers

Isa 49:15 See also Isa 49:23; Isa 60:16 The Gentiles will be used by God to provide nursing for Israel.

Beating of breasts

As a sign of grief Na 2:7 See also Isa 32:12-13; Eze 21:12; Eze 23:34; Lk 23:48

As a sign of contrition Lk 18:13 See also Jer 31:19

Protection of the breast

The high priest’s breastpiece Ex 25:7; Ex 28:15-30; Ex 29:5; Ex 35:9,27; Ex 39:8-21; Lev 8:8

Breastplates worn for protection in confrontations Rev 9:9,17

Figurative breastplates as spiritual armour Eph 6:14 See also Isa 59:17; 1Th 5:8

Animal breasts used in sacrificial offerings

Ex 29:26-27; Lev 7:30-31; Lev 8:29; Lev 9:20-21; Lev 10:14-15; Nu 6:20; Nu 18:18

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